We are a leading company dedicated to the development of real estate projects venturing into regional and foreign expansion. With a record of over 14 years in the trade and more than 60 buildings built, we have gained relevance within the business category in Rosario city. Working with more than 700 people, we have succeeded in constructing about 150 thousand square meters.

The excellent quality of structures, the great finishes, the meeting of deadlines, the high profitability of the units and our philosophy of response to the buyer have led to consolidate an important number of regular customers who annually renew their trust in projects run by MSR.

The strategic choice of the location of our projects provides our customers with an added value, since we are well aware that the surroundings highly regulates the profitability of the real estate investor . As well as this, the continuous thoroughness as regards spaces, comfort, lighting, quality of the product and our post-sales services, make the units an outstanding opportunity and a successful sale, in all its construction stages.


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Rioja 1993

First floor

Rosario, Argentina

T.: 54 341 447 4346 / 440 5965 / 4471874

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